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Music Reading For Bass Guitarists Made Easier With New Book By Steve Marks From Carl FischerDeveloping Reading Skills for the Contemporary Bass Guitarist is the book for the bass guitarist who wants to advance beyond rote learning. Designed to teach music reading skills to a player who already knows his or her way around the instrument, this handsome new book by Steve Marks, will be a great tool for moving a bass guitarist's playing to a new level of musicianship. A vast array of exercises and songs are offered that will build reading skills and speed. All the basic fundamentals of music are touched on with a uniquely designed approach suited to the bass guitar. Topics covered include: Position Studies, Rhythm Studies, "Rifftudes" - etudes using standard bass riffs, Classical Etudes based on music by Bach, Beethoven, Dvorák, Haydn, Mozart, Purcell and Tchaikovsky) and Contemporary Etudes. Steve Marks is a well-known New York performer and is comfortable in a wide variety of styles: Rock, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Theater, Cabaret and World Music. He is associated with the Bass Collective and the SOJ Jazz and Contemporary Music Center.

Developing Reading Skills for the Contemporary Bass Guitarist (GT204 - $14.95)